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About Our UDel Rental Properties

The University of Delaware is a beautiful campus located in the central part of Newark, DE.  As a mid-sized college, it currently has 23,613 students (18,618 undergraduates and 4,285 graduate students).

Almost all our 42 rental properties are located within short biking and/or walking distance (under 1/2 mile) of all the UDel campuses (Laird Campus, Central Campus, East Campus, STAR Campus, and the South Campus).

Perfect for a college student, our rental homes are also close to many essentials you will need to have a balanced university life. 

For our northwest rental units, you will be near popular establishments such as:

In the northeast, our off-campus student housing properties are within walking distance of:

Our properties have anywhere from 1 to 5 bedrooms and can support up to 7 students.  All our listings include pictures of the properties and maps of the location so you can plan your college day-to-day life.

Student Rental Properties


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